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NPI Application Help
The website works best in Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and higher and Firefox versions 2.0 and higher. Users may experience issues with other browsers and are recommended to use the browsers listed above. It is recommended that browser windows be opened using the icon on the desktop to avoid shared browser sessions. Some browsers share sessions regardless of how the browser is opened. Please check with the browser's vendor about session management. When NPPES detects multiple browsers open within the same session, NPPES will terminate the session to protect the data in NPPES. Data entered will be lost and will need to be re-entered. Use of the Back and Forward browser buttons could result in loss of all the information entered. Users should use the Next and Previous buttons provided on the application to navigate between the pages of the application.

Welcome Page / User Menu
Create Login For Existing NPI Page
Reset Password Page
Individual Profile Page
Address Standardization Page
Add Other Identification Number Page
Select Taxonomy Page 1
Contact Person Page
Change Processing Page
Deactivate NPI Page
Application Security Check page
Login Page
Change Password Page
Organization Profile Page
Business Practice Location Address Page
Delete Other Identification Number Confirmation Page
Select Taxonomy Page 2
Certification Page
View Application Page
Create User ID and Password Page
Change Secret Question and Answer Page
Select Entity Type Page
Business Mailing Address Page
Other Identification Numbers Page
Taxonomy / License Page
Select Group Type Page
Processing Page
NPI Enumerator Contact Information

Reset Password Page

1. User IDs cannot be changed. Once you have successfully chosen a User ID and secret question/answer combination and submitted the record, the User ID and secret question/answer combination will remain tied to your record.

2. The Reset Password Page allows you to reset your forgotten NPI System password. You must provide the answers to the secret questions you selected when you created your account, and then enter a new password twice. If all of the information is correct, your password is reset to the new value. The password must be 8-12 characters long, contain at least one letter, one number, no special characters, not be the same as the User ID, and must be different from the previous 6 passwords.

Note: If you know your password, you can change it by clicking the Change NPI Password button on the User Menu Page after you log in.