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You need an Identity & Access Management System (I&A) User ID and Password to create and manage NPIs.

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Individual Providers, Organization Providers, Users working on behalf of a provider

If you don't have an I&A account, need to update your existing I&A account, or don't remember your User ID or Password, select the CREATE or MANAGE AN ACCOUNT button below to go to I&A.

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Once you have successfully created your I&A account, your existing Type 1 NPI will be associated with your I&A account.

After successfully creating your I&A account, return to NPPES and use your I&A User ID and Password to log into NPPES where you can create and maintain the NPI data associated with your provider(s).

To learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) click here

To learn more about how to apply for an NPI click here


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